Purposely Peaceful

A Modern Meditation Technique designed to make you more powerful when you're NOT meditating

Stay Calm, Cool, and Stress-Free... Anytime, Anywhere

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"Things that were most helpful when working with Karin:

  1. Trust in myself again

  2. Listen to my true needs

  3. Less stress, more present

  4. Not reactive

  5. I feel like I've reached a higher state of consciousness and also feel that I'll never be able to go back emotionally to the place I was before.

  6. I am less reactive and that makes me happy!

  7. I feel more confident and that is helping me move my career in a new direction!

  8. I have found the ability to speak my truth and that is such a huge gift, can't even explain how much that means! 5) I feel more clear, like I've walked out of an emotional fog." 

- Patricia D.​

"As a result of this course I am calmer, and less reactive. I don't stress about things the way I used to. I feel more in touch with my intuitive side. Learning to truly remember and know who I am has been one of the most valuable aspects of this course. Closely behind that is learning how to help others find themselves too. Being equipped to continue this journey myself is amazing, and being equipped to help others on the same journey is too wonderful for words! Thank you so much, Karin, from the bottom of my heart. "

- Jennifer S.

"This program helped me find (and then release) long held patterns of behavior that were negatively affecting my life. I feel more calm and confident in all areas of my life."

- Aaron L.

"I'm shining like a diamond now 😜 ufff so emotional. I just have to work on to direct my emotions the right way ☝️ thank youuuuuuu! You amazing helping at others."

- Anna M.

“Letting Go" is my biggest takeaway! I have discovered ways in which I have been really attached to outcomes and try to control other people and I am learning to give my part, then sit back and wait with curiosity and love for whatever the outcome might be."

- Carrie P.

"The class was really good and so much more than meditation. It got me thinking about some stuff I have to work on."

- John W.

"I really can't wait for the next class.  Thank you a lot. Today, I discovered another thing that I lost for a long time – my dream to start my own business again."

- Peter B.

"Thank you very much for this meditation experience online. It was different for me at the first moment, but it turned to be comfortable even we are not together in person. We went through different technics of using our imagination and open to our feelings. Karin is amazing with her support and was leading us until everybody starts feeling different - better. Looking forward to continue. Thank you again."

- Helen R.

"I'm super happy to be a part of this group. I went to this class last Sunday and if you have a cloudy and cluttered mind I highly recommend you this! Can't wait to see you guys soon!"

- Gabriela P.

"Thank you Karin. I really enjoyed the class. I am already putting some of your techniques and to practice today. The sessions that we should grab some emotions that I am processing through more today."

- Greg C.

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